mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

Wpa Tester Defectum

Two months ago, the application Wpa Tester has been removed from Android Market, because in the opinion of Google, it violates the rules of the market. Wpa tester was one of the most famous "wi-fi app" in the market. It has been downloaded 60000 times.

Well now, after two months, the developer decided to insert into the market a new version of wpa tester: 'Wpa Tester Defectum'. As you can see from the logo and the title of the app, there is a bit of irony. :)

With this app you can test or find the WPA or WEP associated at you own Wifi, so you can find out if it is vulnerable or not.
The application will show you only half password, enough to understand the need to change your WPA/WEP.

You can test this wifi:
Alice Fastweb Bbox BigPond Discus DLink DMAX Eircom Huawei JAZZTEL INFINITUM Infostrada O2Wireless Ono Otenet Orange privat SKY SpeedTouch Tecom Thomson Verizon Wifi Wlan YaCom


After this description i describe 2 methods to download the original version (full version):

1) To install Wpa Tester through Aptoide follow this steps:
  • Download Aptoide from Android Market or from here and install it.
  • Enable the repository proposed, and follow all steps required, remembering to update the new repository/ies
  • Click on Menù, and search "Wpa Tester"
  • Once inside, you can find/download all the updates
2) To install Wpa Tester through YAAM (need registration)
  • connect your Android device to   and download the application on your mobile phone
  • Now install YAAM (you have to enable, if necessary, the installation of applications from "Unknown Origins" or something like that, so you can download app from sources other then the Android Market)
  • When the program is installed, open it and register yourself to YAAM and log in.
  • Once inside YAAM, click on Menu and then search "Wpa Tester". Go to the Tab free and choose the application
  • Now you can download/update/delete/comment the application
If you have any problem, read again this tutorial or send an email to :


Have fun ;)


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